Florida Background Checks

Live Scan Global offers mobile fingerprinting services to Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade county.

What Background Checks We Offer

Fingerprint Card Checks

We offer ink cards to be done so you can send them in with your application for a background check of any reason.

FBI Background Checks

Need an FBI background check? Our live scan devices submit your prints digitally with results in 24 hours emailed right to you!

FINRA Background Check

Need your annual FINRA background check done? We offer it both digitally and by use of FINRA ink cards.

Florida Background Check

Need a Florida level 1 or 2 background check? We submit digitally right to the FDLE for all purposes.

Base Pricing

FDLE pricing dependent on your ORI Number.


FBI Background Checks


FBI Background Checks




FINRA Fingerprinting


FDLE Fingerprinting


Ink Fingerprints


Passport Photos


Common questions we get from new clients are listed below. If you need help with the fingerprinting process feel free to contact us!

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