Out of State and Country Fingerprint Card Scanning

Live Scan Global Fingerprint Card Scanning


Do you need a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Background check from out of the state or county? You can submit your FD258 fingerprint cards to be scanned into our software for electronic submission to the FDLE.

Please email us at info@livescanglobal.com or call us at (305) 908 - 7085 for more information in regards to out of state and country fingerprint card submissions.

Out of State / Country Card Scanning Process


Get Your Prints Done

Get your fingerprints taken on an FD 258 Fingerprinting Card

Mail Your Cards

Send your FD 258 Fingerprinting Cards to our card scanning location. Call us for more information. 

We Scan and Submit

We take your FD 258 Fingerprinting Cards and submit them to the FDLE with your corresponding ORI Number!

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Common questions we get from new clients are listed below. If you need help with the fingerprinting process feel free to contact us!

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