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 Live Scan Global has years of expertise in the fingerprinting industry that have allowed us to learn the "ins and outs" about all things fingerprinting. After seeing many national vendors misadvise consumers to make a quick buck, we created a "Live Scan Equipment Buyers Guide" to educate consumers on how to buy Live Scan Equipment without overpaying

We guarantee we will expedite your due diligence, as well as save you significant amounts of time and money. 

You will learn to identify what current vendors, hardware, and software combinations would be best for your current and future fingerprinting needs. Most importantly, we will teach you how to avoid paying 3rd party fees when using your hardware by selecting the correct vendor.

Live Scan Global will not offer to sell you anything, just a pure consultation with no strings attached. We will provide any resources necessary to help you with your due diligence to ensure you are reviewing accurate information.

we will teach you which enrollment types you need and which to avoid

We provide the following enrollment types!

Departmental Orders (FBI Background Checks)

Electronic Departmental Orders (FBI Background Checks for Non Citizens)

FINRA Background Checks 

FDLE Level 2 Background Checks 

ATF Background Checks 

Fingerprint Archiving 

Card Printing Capability

Ohio State Background Check Submissions

Nevada State Background Check Submissions

Illinois State Background Check Submissions

Utah State Background Check Submissions

Learn about which hardware type is best for you

Suprema Real Scan G10

Thales Cogent Multifinger Scanner DactyScan84c

Integrated Biometrics Kojak Ten-Print Roll Scanner

Futronic FS64 EBTS/F Flat Fingerprint Scanner

.. and other industry leading options!

Overwhelmed? Dont be. Book a call with our team and we can help you pick the hardware most beneficial for your goals!

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Why Buy Your Live Scan Hardware With Us?


Quality Hardware

We only sell industry leading equipment. Period. 


Utilize tech support from our premium vendors for anything you need as you service customers. 


Live Scan Global provides solutions for you to get started fingerprinting in any state and offer as many enrollment types as possible. 

Cutting Edge Software

The software we provide you with will give you an edge over any local competition due to our superior offering of enrollment types and ancillary service offerings such as archiving. 

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Common questions we get from new clients are listed below. If you need help with the fingerprinting process feel free to contact us!

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